Are you looking for stunning, unique, and high quality jewelry that commands attention? 

At the Fine Silver Shop, you will find jewelry that does just that.  We specialize in importing handcrafted jewelry from South America.  The Artists we work with design each piece individually for a truly unique hand-crafted work of art.  We invite to our site to experience these one-of-a-kind treasures.

"I love the pendant I bought.  The color is brilliant and I get so many compliments when I wear it.  It is so simple, yet amazingly beautiful." ~ Cari

The Fine Silver Shop offers a broad range of silver jewelry rich in quality and exclusivity. This product differs from that of others, capturing a cultural and ethno-spiritual flavor.

  Each piece of jewelry is carefully created and detailed by hand.

  The materials used are.950 silver and semi-precious stones. These semi-precious stones are crafted either using whole pieces, or they are used in a crushed, enamel-like state.

The use of crushed semi-precious stones in various pieces of our work, like pendants and bangles, adds a unique finish. These qualities make the product quite distinct from anything currently made or offered.

Many of the designs are pre-Columbian (i.e. pre Columbus arriving to the Americas), and were used by various Incan cultures between 200BC and 1300 AD. Many of these symbols have a spiritual meaning and are testimony to a culture richly steeped in history.

These pieces give the  wearer an individually created and beautifully executed item while offering the opportunity of owning and appreciating something completely unique.

Each handcrafted piece tells a story – each piece is a small work of art!

"I have several pieces of jewelry from The Fine Silver Shop.  Each time I wear a piece, I receive so many  compliments.  People are always asking where I got the piece.  I love wearing something that is so beautiful, unique and of the highest quality."  ~ Nicole